Friday, June 1, 2012

Vampire Underground: Rescue is here!!!

Vampire Underground: Rescue is now available on Amazon!! I'm very excited... I've been working on this baby for quite some time. It's about Tess, a young woman who lives in a world where vampires are considered monsters, hunted and killed without trial. She knows they're just regular people (okay, regular people with sun allergies, iron deficiencies, and maybe some minor super powers), and works for the Vampire Underground, an organization determined to save as many vamps as possible. She's so involved in the work she's pretty much forgotten about things like sex--until she meets Drake, a vampire so hot she can't help but notice. Once her libido is woken up she can't get it to quiet back down, and the very next night she finds herself noticing that the Troy Vampire Hunter she's been dating in order to get intel for the underground is also awfully hot. She's determined to save Drake and do everything she can to convince Troy to stop killing--not even her passions are going to distract her. But it doesn't help that she's caught the eye of two decidedly creepy men, one  a famous Hunter at the Vampire Disposal Agency, and the other the head of the Underground itself...

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